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When most people reflect on their loved ones, passed or living, it is usually said, “they are unlike anybody else.” Devin Waring was completely different; he exemplified a little bit of everyone, both the good and bad. Devin was a very independent young man, and with that independence came confidence. Loads of it. He was not afraid to be vulnerable and open himself up to those who needed comfort and love. Devin was goofy, a trait that few got to see but nonetheless is what those closest to him remember most. Devin was brave and committed, two key reasons why he was verbally committed to join the United States Marine Corps after high school. Devin was protective, always accepting the “Big Brother Role” for his friends, family, and baby brother Owen. Above all else, Devin was the most loyal SOB that many will ever know; if he had your back once, he had it forever. Devin Waring was by no means perfect, but he showed us that when we put others before ourselves, our fears and shortcomings become an afterthought. Devin continues to remind us what real strength is made of - unconditional love and support for one another, during the best of times and especially during the worst of times.


Devin, you are missed by all. Continue to watch over us forever and always.



Your Entire Earthly Family



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