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Please review the list below for your tee time for the 5th Annual Drive for Devin Golf Tournament. 18 hole players will be playing on the Buck and Fawn courses. Whichever course you are assigned to play first, please proceed to the other course after enjoying lunch for your back 9. 9 Hole players will be playing on the Doe course. Lunch will be available after you complete your round. Please arrive ~30 minutes prior to your tee time.

18 Hole Players:

Buck Course


8:59 AM

Group 1

Owen Waring

Alex Nemeth

Jack Williams

Andrew Fromen


9:08 AM

Group 3

Dustin Tomaka

Sam Cammarata

Henry MacDonald

Matt Binkowski


9:16 AM

Group 5

Josh Mendez

Lou Vicanti

Amanda Miller

Frank Loiacono


9:25 AM

Group 7

Ron Kershaw

Mike Smith

Matt Kulikowski



9:33 AM

Group 9

Meg McDonald

Bob McDonald

Thomas Whalen

Craig Hinchcliffe


9:42 AM

Group 11

Erin DiGirolamo

Angela Roche

Amy Conmy

Dr. Joseph Mure


9:50 AM

Group 13

Elaine Nowak

Chad Master

Christian Bell

Evan Beale


9:59 AM

Group 15

Aaron Pawlak

Pete Stevens

Tim Hurley

Pat Cronyn


10:07 AM

Group 17

Deanna Wasikowski

Kevin Nagel

Mike Cmok

Stan Ledwon


10:16 AM

Group 19

Christian Kondal

Joey Lovullo

Vince Lovullo

Kevin Volker


10:24 AM

Group 21

Tom Matre

Jack Tribble

Doug Martin

Tim Martin


10:33 AM

Group 23

Aaron Wood

Keith Wood

Ashley Wood

Gordon Walck


10:41 AM

Group 25

Caty Flagg

Tommy Cunningham

Gianna Pezzino

Michayla Jenkins


10:50 AM

Group 27

Gary Tocke

Eric Tocke

Dave Greco

Lonny Sullivan


10:58 AM

Group 29

John Sinclair

Tom Sinclair




11:07 AM

Group 31

Greg Trotter

Jason Coyle

Craig Johnson

Charlie Adams


11:15 AM

Group 33

Ronny Matre

Alex Woods

Michelle Heim

Michael Heim


11:24 AM

Group 35

John Hassler

Hassler Group

Hassler Group

Hassler Group


11:32 AM

Group 37

Eric Moeller

Tom Hoffman

Scott Carey



11:41 AM

Group 39

John Sorgi

Jake Kopacz

AJ Neubert

Matthew Matre

9 Hole Players:

Doe Course


8:34 AM

Group 41

Cynthia Mooney

Steven Mooney

Michael Mooney

Michael D'Amico


11:07 AM

Group 42

Dan O'Leary

Tim Collins

Jeff Spriegal

Larry Pauly


11:15 AM

Group 43

Kevin Ostempowski

Nick Osika

Mike Marrano

PJ Byrniarski


11:24 AM

Group 44

Les Domiano

Barb Domiano

Kristen Tollner

Angie Tollner


11:32 AM

Group 45

Tracy Waring

Denise Kennedy

Jenn Boettcher

Karen Harp


11:41 AM

Group 46

Sean Sullivan

John Smith Jr.

Jason Colby

Drew Munz


11:49 AM

Group 47

John Cane Sr.

John Cane Jr.

11:58 AM

Gregory Stamm

Mason Stamm

Charlie Seifert

Will Jones

Fawn Course


8:59 AM

Group 2

Dave Wilmore

Pat Wilmore

Zach Wilmore

Greg Margolis


9:08 AM

Group 4

Eric McDougall

Shannon Landow

Jamie Leggett

Kim Leggett


9:16 AM

Group 6

Paul Dispenza

Jake Jakubowski

TJ Burch

Mike MacLeod


9:25 AM

Group 8

Mike Dispenza

Alex Streng

Tom Gioia

Will Grisko


9:33 AM

Group 10

Jerry Schoemick

John Schoemick

Claire Schoemick

Jack Schoemick


9:42 AM

Group 12

Alec Basehart

James Sorrentino

Michael Pasternostro

Tom Voigt


9:50 AM

Group 14

Thomas Bender

Jeff Boettcher

Carrie Jetter

Scott Boivin


9:59 AM

Group 16

Rob Gaglione

Kevin Wiser

Dan Manns

Brian Little


10:07 AM

Group 18

Joel Proulx

Peter Proulx

Rick Andrews

John Budzynski


10:16 AM

Group 20

George Hackford

Keith Huard

Ryan Huard

Gerald Huard


10:24 AM

Group 22

Curt Cabotaje

Ryan Calvello

Josh Drozek

Steve Hood


10:33 AM

Group 24

Sam Kwiatkowski

Bill Stein

Carl Mirabella

Doug Bernhardt


10:41 AM

Group 26

Donald Cox

Tom Mrozek

Brian Atlas

Frank Atlas


10:50 AM

Group 28

Trevor Dutton

Andrew Bless

Kyle Ruge

Jon Karwick


10:58 AM

Group 30

Mark Crosier

John Burg

Frankie Bowkowski

Hudson Earl


11:07 AM

Group 32

Nick Revelas

TJ Revelas

Diane Revelas



11:15 AM

Group 34

Will Laugeman

Rob Kubus

Joe Caputy

Bik Singh


11:24 AM

Group 36

Nick Zendano

Tim Waring

Mike Parisi

Mark Perna


11:32 AM

Group 38

Ryan Stamm

Jake Ferger

Vinny Ventura

Grayson Pawlowski


11:41 AM

Group 40

Don Matre

Mike Schmitt

John Munchoff

Phil Wright

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